Prologue  “All This Religious Squabbling”


Chapter One  “Spiritual Revival for Indians”

Traditional Movement • Unity Convention • Intertribal Solidarity • Spiritual Revolution

Chapter Two  “Disharmony and Religious Feuds”

Cherokee Prophecy • Action Anthropology • Cross-Cultural Education • Ecumenical Personality

Chapter Three  “The Churches Must Listen”

Anglican Missions • Indian Work • Hendry Report • Clerical Activists

Chapter Four  “About Saving the World”

Rochdale College • Indian Studies • Ecumenical Conference • Buckskin Curtain


Chapter Five  “Modern Indian Religious Life”

Steering Committee • Crow Agency • Interreligious Organization


Chapter Six  “These Hills and Mountains”

Stoney Country • Ordained Chief • Indian Park • Sacred Fire

Chapter Seven  “Dissatisfaction Evidenced by Some”

Growing Concern • Crash Course • Battle Royal • Liberation Process

Chapter Eight  “This Sacred Event Interrupted”

Ideological Investment • Divine Disapproval • Elaborate Representations • Numinous Encounters

Chapter Nine  “To Implement Meaningful Change”

Personal Transformations • Impending Obsolescence • Tarnished Reputation • Lingering Embers

Epilogue  “Teachings from This Fire”