I am grateful for the many friends and colleagues who helped me complete my work on the Indian Ecumenical Conference. Faculty mentors George Cummings, Tim Lull, David Steward, Russell Thornton, and Gerald Vizenor supervised my initial efforts while I was a student at the Graduate Theological Union. John Dizikes and Forrest Robinson perused my dissertation after I joined them on the faculty of the University of California at Santa Cruz. Historians Karin Gedge, Phil Gleason, Gene McCarraher, Linda Przybyszewski, Kathleen Riley, Beth Schweiger, Roberto Treviño, Beth Wenger, and David Yoo critiqued an early draft of chapter one as part of our collaboration through the Young Scholars in American Religion program. Beth Bailey, Trina Carter, Margaret Connell-Szasz, Ruth Salvaggio, and Ferenc Szasz read other portions of this manuscript while I was a faculty member at the University of New Mexico. Vine Deloria, Jr., Jack Forbes, Darin Keewatin, Ian MacKenzie, Jean Molesky, Kerry Riley, Victoria Rue, and Dorene Wiese also responded to draft material at various stages of the project. Scholarly editors Henk Vroom, Lee Irwin, and P. Jegadish Gandhi and George Cheriyan published my articles on the ecumenical movement. At the University of Oklahoma, Steve Gillon, Andy Horton, Clara Sue Kidwell, and Randy Lewis offered helpful readings, Malinda Brown retouched the video stills, Josie Adams prepared the map, and Karen Sheriff LeVan copyedited the entire manuscript. Four anonymous readers reviewed the manuscript while it was under consideration by several academic publishers.

I am indebted to the numerous librarians, archivists, administrators, clerks, technicians, journalists, photographers, and Conference participants throughout Canada and the U.S. who supplied me with invaluable books, articles, manuscripts, audiotapes, photographs, films, and memories relating to the ecumenical movement.

I am thankful for the internal and external funding that sustained my work on the Indian Ecumenical Conference: a Junior Faculty Development Award from the Division of Humanities at the University of California at Santa Cruz; a Summer Stipend Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities; travel expenses from the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture at Indiana University—Purdue University at Indianapolis; a Faculty Research Grant from the Research Allocations Committee at the University of New Mexico; an Individual Research Grant from the American Academy of Religion; and sabbatical leave from the Honors College at the University of Oklahoma.

Finally, I am fortunate that religion editor Gayatri Patnaik believed in this project, and that I had the opportunity to work with her and the other fine people at Palgrave.